"Whipped Cream"   by Sandy Jones

Divine Intelligence

We are here in this life to re-claim our original Identity, to recognize our eternal, divine Illumination itself. We are here to live this ageless Identity, knowing we are the world we walk through. We discover we are home, forever resting in the deep and abiding Presence of God, this Life, right here and now. We return to our original, pure heart to see the fears and old restrictions fall away. Life is not afraid of Itself. We are Life, uninhibited, happy, whole and content. We let the pure Heart of Intelligence and Its sublime clarity lead the way. We are bathed in the holy grace of balance and freedom. Feeling at home in the world, we are never alone, we are one with our whole world. There is only one Child, one Self and It is you - whole and ongoing, ever discovering, uncovering the Infinite boundless wonders this Life you are.  Like a tree blooming, Life is undivided, complete, flourishing and filled with the essence of abundance and peace. We are Life. We are here, doing what we are here to do, to be, to live - just like this, just as it is. Nothing to prove only to Live our God given Divine Imprint, to let this Heart of our uninhibited Intuitive Intelligence  lead the way. 


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