Evening Candle Glow

Divine Light

We are given the way to know what is Real and what is not. The holy Child is our eternal Self, our divine Light. This is the Balance within ourself. We find our Self, and we stay here in the sweet center of this living equanimity within. Between spirit and matter, time and timeless, we stand strong. Our two feet on the ground, knowing and being this holy Peace that has found us. We feel it and so we Live It. We have become quite capable of discerning for ourself what is right for ourself and what is not. This Understanding is a powerful but gentle Love that leads our way. It is the fearless freedom, the fire, the flame, the quiet everlasting light within us. This unbound Presence clears away the mist of deception and confusion and reveals to us that we are on holy ground, always here. Living our divine freedom we go our own way, we trust ourself, knowing what is right for ourself. We listen to the Infinite Intelligence, the divine guide within us. We can hear the holy voice - we can do that. And when we do, we know we are home, we are safe, we are free - here - at peace within ourself. And all things really do work for Good. We see It, we know why, and we Live It - 

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