Return to Reality

In the quagmire of lies, we can find our way back to what is Real and True. The Truth is always awaiting our return. As the world scene becomes exponentially muddled in what is not real or true, and the lies grow dense - we know it is time to find the Truth within ourself. We come into this world with our Original pure Honest Self, the holy Child we are - and It is still here within us. Though It was covered-up by the 'adult-erated' programming, the beliefs put upon us that were not true. But, because the lies have grown so thick, this goop of dishonesty that is seeping out from everywhere causes us to gasp for Truth and reawaken to our Real Identity. We can and we will make our own discovery of this Living Peace as we let that trustworthy Child lead us. This Divine Light we are finding, seeing and feeling is the holy Child within, our Real Identity, our Eternal Soul, the One Honest One. As we reclaim our Original Self, we become whole, alive, understanding and empowered. Now we have no need for false prophets and dishonest governments. We stand secure in this Inner Light of Self-knowing. We find this holy Place within us, authentic and real. It brings us all we need to know and whatever we need, whenever we need It.

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