Wintery beauty in the dry desert warmth 

Boundless Wholeness 

Love is here, love is the Life we are. Love is not gotten or given or taken away from us by others. It is the very Life we are, the Self we are, you and me - right where we are. Life flows freely, Love is the wholeness, the Totality of Life, this Self, this One Self we are. We open ourself to Life and Life, the holy Isness of God, rushes in, flows through. As we Live this divine Uninhibited Child's innocent faith in Life, the sacred heat and vital forces of Life lifts us up with the wondrous, powerful, living vitality of God, the infinite One. We are this Immeasurable Life of All that Is here. Love comes from within our Self. Through this change of heart, this new perspective, we change our world. Now we live this timeless wellspring of God's Self-knowing. With this change of heart, we come alive, up and out and into the boundless wholeness of our Self, to realize we are the world, every sweet bit of it - the entire unbound, Illimitable Life living Itself as this Identity we are. This that I am, is Life Itself, It is God's Infinite Being, the Awareness that includes All That Is. Discerning Intelligence knows Itself fully. This Knowing Life looks around and sees the unfolding wonders and miracles, here, there and everywhere we are.

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