Fall Harvest Beauty

Here Always

But you and I, we will abide within the heart of ourself, knowing what is true and we go on joyfully living It. Ever reminding ourself of our true nature, this Infinite Presence of Peace and Balance. We Live It Here and Now. It is Life Itself, this holy Spirit of God's Divine Presence. Knowing we are this Infinite Light of eternity will keep us alert and steady, "as wise as a serpent and peaceful as a dove." We can watch the passing scene and not get caught in the shadows of unreality. We find that ground, that stable place within. It is the holy Child, the divine Balance, Identity that knows we were never born and will never die. In this mysterious union with the divine, we know the images of this passing scene will change, but this Light we are, this Eternal Presence that is right here - is here always. Living and being this Self-Knowing Identity-I-am I see the grand, vast, vistas of this Unbound Life we are. There is only This that Is Here, the Living Awareness, the Mind of God. There is no one and nothing outside of this Immeasurable Trinity of All That Is.

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