In the garden - tangerine tree and blue sky 

Beloved One and Only

Incredibly mystical, this magic of being here, realizing that nothing we see is outside of our Self. This Self being the Living Light of God's Self-knowing - this life we are. There is Something Being this Life and That Something has no beginning and no end. It is the Unseen Immeasurable Light that lives Its harmonious, perfect balance, being the very nature of everything. Naturally, every little kid discovers balance when they learned to ride a bike. Our divine Imprint, innate within, Knowing 'what Is' and 'what is not,' this is our very nature. How perfect this Living Intelligence is. It shows us the Way. This Intelligence blooms the trees and brings the fruit, spins the planets, builds the home, births the babies, grows the seeds - this Light of God moves all things. Nothing is outside of This Immutable Infinite All that is being this Identity, the Life we are, right here, right now. Everything is God's Self-Knowing Awareness, this Life, the Eternal All Inclusive Awareness. Faithful Beloved One and Only, inseparably in Love with the whole glorious Isness of Life Itself, Here and Now, the Divine Presence, the Unbound Perfect Light of Awareness we are.

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