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Excerpt from "A Guide To Awareness and Tranquillity - by William Samuel

Dear Mary,
Understand this: if you can see so much as a grain of sand, a fleck of dust or a blade of grass, if you can hear a sound or feel the form of any conceivable thing, then the totality, the totality of the Ineffable Godhead is present, at hand, here and nigh, the only fact of being!
Why are we so quick to acknowledge that "God is all" and that God is being every "thing," but so hesitant to act as if that which is being every "thing" is present? If God is being all Awareness beholds, is not God precisely where things are? Certainly! And, since God is all, is not God being this Awareness that perceives things? Of course! Then why deny it and why act differently?
The simple fact is, when one acts as if God is present, the Godhead makes itself apparent in our every thought and action.

Mary, do not take my word for this. Be kind to yourself and try it. You will see.

Sincerely yours, Billy from Woodsong

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