Within the Holy Light

Living Beauty 

Divine Intelligence moves the tides, sprouts the seeds, spins the planets in perfect harmony. All things are aligned aright within this Living Mind of God. Everything that lives and grows and blooms is here within the holy Light of all that is. The ebb and flow of the sea, waves ever reaching to touch the shore, the wind that blows and swirls the happy spirit of our soul. Under the starry night sky we are pulled closer, feeling the magnetic source of luminosity rising into daylight, the morning sun to dawn in the opalescent beauty of infinite Love. And you being you, float sweetly, easily into the living beauty of this cosmic ocean, the One Divine Being and Its silent sea of holy knowing. Gently moving with God's eternal joy, we know nothing is ever lost. Our pure, pristine nature feels the balance existing in the quiet simple language of grace and beauty - as It shows us the way -

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