Blue Vase - by Sandy Jones

Begin Here 

Watch and see the mystical and marvelous gifts this Light of Life will disclose to you. Revelations abound. We know God is the One, the All and Only Presence Here. We see this, and then we claim what is ours, we claim our divine heritage - and dare to Live this holy Child of God we are. Put it to the test, see what happens. We are the Self-knowing Awareness of God's Infinite Mind. What we do with This Light of Truth is up to each of us. We can choose to pretend to be separate and apart from God. We can pretend to be the struggling separate lost soul that needs to find Its Self through anguish and suffering and a long climb to return to God. Or we can choose to be, to see, to Live this Unbound Joy of God's Light - because we are, in fact, living It already. Begin Here with the Light of this Awareness we already are. Be true to yourself, prove it for yourself by living It. Accept this pure, carefree Joy of the holy Child you are. Start with What Is already yours. Here. Do this and see what happens, see the divine marvels that unfold, watch how Love blooms. You'll be amazed as you live this ongoing Lightness of your very own Heart, to feel the sweet livingness of Life's Presence as the very Self you See and Be.


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