Wild Flower Meadow 

The Divine Imprint 

We have the Divine Imprint within us, the seed of the holy Child. When we open our heart to Life we will grow into the flourishing beauty that we are meant to be. We are here in the garden of God's mystical world, where Something Wonderful brings the rain, blooms the trees and shines the light of the Sun. We are living the Joy of God's Nature, being the holy garden that God Is. We can, if we choose to, let this Divine Imprint within us commune with the Presence of the Infinite Silence and It's Living Intelligence. The essential nature of a seed is not afraid to bloom. It gives of itself, reaching outward into nothing, while pushing deeper into the darkness of the soil. It doesn't fear the unknown. It is receiving from all directions, everything it needs in order to be the fullness of Itself. We each have the holy seed of our Original Identity within us. Life will open us and spark the flame that will enliven the seed of our Self. Our Original Nature will begin to grow. We are here to Live, to blossom into the full and fruitful bounty of this divine Child we are. When the heart is willing, everything rushes in providing us with all that is needed to bring us into bloom. As we live wide open to the wild magic of this holy garden, we come alive to thrive in the Meadow, now, in this sublime moment of our own being, living the Divine Imprint already present in the heart

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