City Streets - by Sandy Jones

It's Always Something 

We often hear "it's always something" and we consider that a term of distress. But when I think about that, it seems to be a remarkably joyful statement really. It actually points back to Realty and the Eternal Light that Is Here, unseen, unknown, but always here. This intangible, unknowable, invisible Light of Godhead reveals Its Self as this world of "always something." Life is the visible evidence of that Infinite Unseen Light of Reality. The Ineffable, Intangible Principle of God the All in All is this inseparable two that are One. We are the Living proof that God, the Unseen Isness Is always Here. It is woven into every fiber of our Being. The Infinite Light of the Intangible Mystery makes Its Self evident, blending the warp and woof of Its Self, creating this holy Tapestry of this Life we see and know. We are Here because God is All That Is - thus "there's always something." . That's It, It's all here, all at once, the tranquility which is effortlessly available is our own soulful Joy of knowing this Infinite Presence of our Real-Identity. Always something, something just like this. Knowing our Real Identity, we can Live the Truth and be the Joyful Experience of this Omniscient, All Inclusive Light of Life. See It - and Live again as the two that are One. The two that are One becomes three, the Holy Trinity - It's Always Something.

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