Pink Chair - by Sandy Jones

Spinning Wonders 

Picture in the Mind's eye a spinning top. You know those tops we played with as little children. Do they still have those? The joy of making that top go. We'd get it going full speed, fast, faster and faster, the colors blend into one and then it would whirl fast enough to be all on its own, steady, quiet, moving stillness humming along. It would go so fast, you could hardly see it moving. This Life we are is like a fast, spinning top wherein the stillness and the movement are one. And Jesus, the master metaphysician said : "If they ask You : 'What is the sign of your Father in You ?, say to them : 'It is movement and rest. It seems so amazing to exist and be part of this joyful magic of God's Infinite Being. Godhead is the Eternal Fact. The universe of tangibility is Its Self-confirmation following in time. It is all moving, spinning so fast that it stands still. Stillness, being the Light, the silent Isness at rest, single and only - and not going anywhere. God the One and Only That is - Infinite, invisible and undetectable while always here. We Live the holy Stillness as a world of time and matter. Tangibility is the delineation of Infinity. We are the Infinite Light of Wonders, beyond time, our true self rests in itself, in perfect stillness.

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