"Blankets" by Sandy Jones 

The Child Is Essential

Then one day we realize this Life we are living is God and God's Awareness. We understand beyond any doubt that this Awareness, right here, is God's alone. We are released from the bonds of the old human mortal beliefs, the false perception that awareness is a personal possession within the body. Now we know our real Identity has always been and forever will be God's Mind and Its holy Child that Lives as God's Infinite Awareness we are. As simple as that; One Mind and It is God's Alone and Only. To see and know this, the Child is essential. The Child takes us beyond the objective material view, beyond the concepts of oneness and metaphysics. Here, as the holy Child, we see through True Eyes - Here the two become and the One IS the Living Presence of God, the Holy Trinity. The Child Lives and It brings us the answers in ways that cannot be understood by the intellect, but can be perfectly clear to the Heart of us, the Child we are. In Truth this holy Child Is right here, always. It Lives because God Is. The Child is essential. It is the Real Identity, pure, unharmed, eternal Self. It shows us how to live in the world without fear, knowing Love is the way. The Child is our perfect self-knowing Awareness, unbound, open, alive, sensitive and defenseless in the face of the world - and it is It's defenselessness that is Its strength.

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