Orange Trees In The Garden - Ojai 

Blooming Wonders 

The gentle rain has soaked into the earth. All the little sprigs of green are coming up along with the wintery white narcissus flowers. The trees are laden with lemons and oranges too. The garden is filled with sweet fragrance. Intelligence Lives and It brings everything to life right on time. I can't image how anyone could not see the Divine Intelligence of Life that moves all things, keeps our whole world in balance. This Life that we are Living is God's vital force being all that is. We look around at this marvelous existence, this world of blooming wonders and all of this is undeniably the Divine Equation of Nature Living in tune with God's Perfect Love - the Love that Is the very Identity we are. Perhaps like the garden that blooms at the right time, we are ready to bloom too. Maybe we are all awakening to the fact that God is the very Awareness that Is being this Identity we are. We are coming up through the dark wet earth to see the Light as we leave the ground of the old beliefs, rise up from the old me-sense that mistakenly claimed to be the possessor of life. We are ready to See, realizing God is the Life we are and there is no other Life we can ever be. Life is God's Awareness being this very Living Action of God, the One Infinite Mind. Now is the time to discover what is Real and to Live It. As we Live this new view of our Real Identity, we change within our self - and that lifts the world up with us. We are blooming, the garden is coming alive. After all, we are the world we walk through. We are here to know our real Self and live this Unbound Ever-Present Reality we are. It all becomes clear - the sights are not it - the Seeing is It.

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