Sunshine Morning Kitchen -  by Sandy Jones

One Good Thing

One good thing to know is that we cannot ever be outside of this Life we are. We are the Whole Unbound Being of What Is. Life Lives and we are Life. The entire Universe is the Reality Being you, Total and All Inclusive. All this amazing Wonder of Everything, this world of matter and things, the ever Presence and Its endless Bounty and Infinite Joys of Life - and It can never end. Life, and all Its marvelous richness of Itself Living as this world of ours. All of this is the Divine Identity the Pristine Joy of being you and me and All that Is. Here we are, Living the endless Beginning, the Infinite Living of Life, being this Knowing we are. Sweet Joy of Life unfolds, blooms, grows in all Its ongoing, unbound magical, mystical beauty, fresh, new, Living This Beginning without end.

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