Something Wonderful

Something wonderful is happening now. Trying to keep Life in an organized, orderly presentation of knowledge, really can't be done. There is nothing honest, real or true about believing we can control Life. Life has a Mind of Its Own, Life is Alive, It does not obey the rules of anyone. It will go Its own way. The Joyful Love and Artistic Gifts of Its disorderly, random, unorganized ways thrive and pulsate, breathe and move with the Light of Love that It is. We see this Glorious Nature, we are Living It, we are Its beloved ongoing Infinite Knowledge. We learn to ride the wild mystery of This Divine Light that Moves and Lives all things. It is a sweet pleasure to know this holy Joy of Being is not Living an orderly presentation as if we are bound to a formal, neat and tidy garden. It is our delight to recognize and Live in this Infinite Meadow of Life and Its untamed Beauty and Its abundant display strewn with wildflowers. Here we are, always here, before the world told us who we should be. We Live in the Meadow, the Enchanted Lands of Ever-blooming Life in all Its Infinite fresh, undiminished Love. 

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