Piano  - by Sandy Jones

We are the Living notes in the holy Symphony of Life. All Life, all nature, all that we see and don't see, all being the notes of this Symphony that bring It to Life. The Ineffable Godhead, unknowable, untouchable One is Here, felt and known as this world we are Living. This Life, this is the Glorious Symphony in all Its expressions. One Symphony, each note, all playing together in this grand harmonious orchestration of the Celestial Song, the Music of the spheres, the Unknowable One, knowing Itself in the instruments, the sounds, this Song of Its Infinite Beauty, It's invisible Mystery flowing forth as this world we are, this Life we see and be. Each note, every person a distinctly unique and individual note sounded as this infinite, immutable, everlasting Song of Life. The Notes are everlasting because the Intangible Music comes to Life, is heard and known through the notes played, the sound, vibration, lightness, darkness, beat, textures, rhythm, dynamics and the interlude - all of this Mystical Musical produced and directed by the Unknowable One and Its marvelous score of notes, and instruments, playing aloud, reverberating, moving through the vast wonders of It's Creative Being, to Know Itself, to see and feel the Infinite Wonders of Itself, Life, the Living Song of the Holy Trinity.

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