Summer Garden -  by Sandy Jones 

Illimitable Life

We return to freedom, not by order of governments or authorities or laws - but through our very own individual Self-realization, knowing we have always been free. This freedom is who we are. It is our divine heritage, because we are not separate or apart from the Infinite Light of Life Itself. Nothing is outside of this Life that Is God Itself. Life is not bound. It is Illimitable Isness. The Real Authority is always here as our individual Self-knowing, our pristine divine Identity. Re-discover our Self and we are no longer slave to the false, materialist, birth-death, evolutionary narrative. We find our freedom Is Life Itself, the Holy Presence, God's Infinite Light that is being the Identity we are. No one owns us, and freedom is not a possession - we are Freedom Itself. Life is not a possession, It is who we are - and we are being It always, even if we don't know this. The Peace and Joy of Being arrive for us when we claim our true heritage, realize our Original Nature is Here, and It is timeless and beyond time. We take our rightful Identity and Live this Light of Truth we are

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