Lavender Springtime Beauty in the Garden

The Living Spirit 

The past is powerless, the future is non-existent, so let it be, move lightly, like a butterfly on the air. Feel the Joy and Beauty of this holy Meadow of Life we are given to Love. It's Living Spirit lifts us up like a playful breeze dancing with the leaves. We all know what Love is. It is our nature. We see It's Being in everyting - and we are set free. We are free to Live in love with Life, open to Life. We are given a heart filled with childlike wonder and Its pure delight. Yours are the eyes through which the Light looks and sees Its own Livingness, all with kindness, tenderly, with love. We surrender, defenseless. There is really nothing we can do, but let it be. We are not responsible for how others live or do what they do. We are here to Love, and to Live without resistance to this Life we are. How beautiful this is. We are here, already the happy carefree Child of this Infinite Light. So we be It, we be the gift of this that we are - and Live It.

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