Flowers in the light - Artist unknown 

The New Day 

The Child is the Middle way, the 'third eye' which is the "I" That-I-Am, this Identity we are. The Child stands wholly between duality and non-duality - and understands both.  The Child lives joyfully in the tangible world of time and matter, while knowing It's eternal Isness, God, the One Light which is always here. The Real of us is the Innocence, the pure Heart of our Original Nature, the "eye of the beholder."  The Child brings a shift, a soft, and gentle shift within us and yet so evident and present, real, beautiful and alive. We don't deny anything about this world - the shadows that come and go- are now seen as magical gifts that serve a divine purpose, leading us back to what is Real. Everything is seen as quite perfect just the way it is -  brilliant, absolutely brilliant.  Knowing, seeing, being the Balance wherein the two become one; duality and non-duality merge, spirit and matter meld, brings the Balance, the Middle way. It happens right Here within us. We find this Inner Child and the world we experience and see becomes new. Now we are free to live in the world, in love with this Life we are - no longer battling for or against, no taking sides - but fully delighted with All That Is. Now we are happy to live our life our own way. There is no need to change others.  And we grow and bloom and learn more, and see, rise up, and understand this is the way we bring the dawn of the New Day. 

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