Lilac Tree Blooms - Ojai

When We Know

When we know who we are, we know what Love is. We know we are a spark of Life's Divine Intelligence, we are living the Infinite Mind of God. God is the One and Only Life Here. When we know that God really is All That Is, then this Heart of ours comes alive, and we are filled with holy Light. The universe spins in Infinite wonders, the moon rises, the sun shines, the waters flow, the flowers listen and the seasons bring the changes We are the Living Tree of Life - and God knows Itself in All That Is. It is a great Joy when we see for ourself that God really is All That Is. No one can teach us this, It's Something we experience within ourself. When we know, we know we know. As Lao Tse said “The world is already a perfect vessel and whoever tries to improve it, spoils it.” Oh, how often we see this proven true. It would do this world well to know that we are living the Infinite Mind of God, That Intelligence is this world we see and be. We have all we need to know and be, right here within our Self. It is our original divine Imprint. No one can give this holy Imprint to us, It is the very Light of God and It is being this Identity we are. When we find and Live this Real identity, we listen to ourself. We live our divine heritage and we Live our freedom. When the Heart is open, vulnerable, soft, It hears the Truth, It knows. When Love is felt, the healing will always happen.

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