Roses and Lavender  - My Ojai Garden 

Sweet Light of Truth 

The way to do any good for our world is to begin with the Light within ourself and Live It. Because we are the world we walk through, because we see what we be. It's an ageless and quantum thing to know; “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside and the above like the below … then you will enter the kingdom.” Realizing this, understanding there is only One Self-Knowing Presence here - and It is God - we surrender to the beauty of this Truth. It brings a sense of relief and we feel the Presence of this heavenly peace. We see through the veil of the erroneous beliefs in separation. We are no longer accepting some ridged, fear based precept that we are separate and apart or far away from this Light of God. Life, the Life God Is, Is here, being All That Is. The scene changes, the kingdom is here, the Meadow appears - and It was always here. This Life we are living Is the Light of God that Lives Itself as this Illimitable Intelligence. This Intelligence is far greater than we can know. Yet, It is being our very Identity, the Life we are and always were. And, no matter what we do, this Ineffable Light Divine Mind, goes right on being Here, being Its Self, Living Its Immutable Reality - One Infinite Life being All That Is.

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