Pink climbing roses, springtime and blue sky - Ojai

In The Light of Truth 

We come from the Light, we return to the Light - the Eternal Light that is Life. “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” This Light is the "I" Identity we are. This Light we are is beyond this measurable light. This Light is One Light, all inclusive Light, Living Mind of God and Its Awareness being this Awareness we are. God is All That Is. We are breaking free from the erroneous objective materialist view, the mistaken beliefs based on the false concepts of separation, erroneous beliefs about human evolution, time and matter. Living these mistaken precepts, we've given power the objective things, to the lies and liars, the powerless authorities, rather than to the Truth, the Forever Lasting Mind that Is being the very Life of you and me. In the most mystical way, all Life points directly to the Immortal Being of this Life we are. The shadows seen by our false perceptions lead to the Tree, to God, the Truth, the Everlasting Life we are. Our Identity is God's Infinite Awareness. There is only One Mind functioning Here. We have never been outside of this Light, we have always been Living this Truth we are. No longer denying the Truth - we fall deeply in Love with Life, with Truth, with our Real identity, and Live this Joy of Being the Light of God's ongoing Wonders . -

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