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The kingdom is here - 

We certainly fall more in love with Life when we realize the world exists because God is this Living Isness being all that Is. As we live this mystical understanding, we become gentler and at peace with all that we see and all that we are. Godhead is the Eternal Fact. The universe of tangibility is Its Self-confirmation following in time. The two, spirit and matter, these two are one.
Tangibility is the delineation of Infinity.

God is inseparable from this tangible experience. That's because God is actually the Only One Here. The Living Mind of God alone, the Only Mind here; Deific Solipsism.

In this great dance, giver and receiver are one. We suddenly realize how little it matters which of the two roles one happens to play at a given time. Beyond time, our true self rests in itself in perfect stillness. Within time, this is realized by a graceful give-and-take in the dance of life. As in a fast spinning top, the stillness and the dance are one. Only in that oneness is true self-sufficiency. The Life we are is One with the Infinite MInd, this Light of God. God and God's Awareness is all inclusive, it includes everyone and everything that Is, ever was, or will be. -

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