Sweet jasmine in bloom 

Just Wondering

It seems quite possible to be born anew with every minute of every moment of every day. Letting go the past - because there is no past. Putting down the future - because there is no future. Here is this marvelous place within us that sees the Reaity of Life. We can intuit It, we can feel the stillness and sense the wonder of this Truth. This Presence is Here and we are Here. What is this sense of Presence, this undeniable Fact of being Here and Now? It is Real and That is a simple clarity. It is True, we are Here and Now. In this uncluttered vision we know we exist and we know Life is Here. We really can't deny that. Our existence Lives This Presence, always Here and Now. Is there any other Here and Now? Only this one, obviously. Who can deny this? What does Infinite mean - and how infinite is Infinite? If It is Here and Now, It Is Always Here and Now. Where else can It go? And we can choose to stay Here in this Realization of What is. Free from past and future, free to be the living of Here and Now. In this Presence we are strong, beautiful, giving and creative, bubbling with Life. We can see It, we can take It and be it - it is ours. Why not? The choice to Live It is up to us. We are Here and Now. We can stay Here and Now - and the Peace, the Love that is Here, Now, steady and true - always finds us.

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