Evening Sky

Everywhere At Once

How gentle, healing and refreshing it is to feel the peace that arrives when we notice the way Love keeps streaming along. It comes from an endless Infinite Source. It is always here. It sustains this whole miraculous world. It pours out no matter what we think or do. Love moves and lives as the Divine Equation of giving and receiving. There is this Love that remains, is, exists and is always present. It is the Life force of the Everywhere At Once. Love Is Here, no matter where we go or what we do. That's because there is nothing that comes between this Love and the world we are. Love is the Living Intelligence of God Itself. Everything grows and thrives and moves with and by the holy Power of this Intelligent Love. We are an essential and perfect part of this Divine Equation of giving and receiving. The very nature of Life Itself is blooming fully into the Tree of Life. This Ever Present endless circle of Infinite Love is our Identity. There is no other way that Life could exist if it were not this Timeless, Infinite Ineffable flowing of Love, the Mind being this Whole Universe And this Marvelous Realty is here being lived and felt and known as this Life, the Identity being the holy Child, the Self of You and Me.

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