Garden Studio Summer - Ojai 

Our Rightful Identity

Ask them "Do you know who you are?"  I think we are soon going to awaken from the false programming we believe about our Identity. Each soon to realize our True Identity. The "old man" is the liar that bases his foundation on erroneous beliefs about his Identity.  The human doctrines having accepted the false paradigm that says 'we are mortal, one among many, limited to time and matter, possessors of a brain, custodian of a body that has a life inside of it, of a few days and full of trouble. Not so, not so. We shall soon realize we are Eternal Life, and God is the Only Life Here.  It is time to claim our Divine Heritage and Live our Real Identity. Seeing the Truth about this Self we are, changes everything, totally and wholly. When we know and Live the Truth, that Truth renders all the liars and the lies powerless. Those who find the holy Child, know their Eternal Nature and will survive in joyful ways. Living the Honest Identity will change the world.  It happens by the very action of making this Self-discovery, uncovering our Original Nature. We find the Truth of our Eternal Selfhood and we Live again, we live this holy Child's Honest Way, balanced and in love with our world as our Self.  No one can control or fool those who know their Rightful Identity. God alone is All That Is, there is no other. God is the Alone, Infinite Light, the immeasurable One being All That I-Am and All that You Are - God - the One and Only Honest One Here

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