Corona del Mar - Summer Evening - 

Independence Day - 

These days remind me that we are ripe and ready to find the holy Child. We can find our Self, and It is strong, self-reliant, intelligent, it our individual Real Self. We find our Real Identity and we know we are already free, independent, and quite capable of making things work for ourself. Tough and brave, bold and sassy, the Holy Spirit we are is our True Self and we are Here we Live It. We claim our divine Heritage, we stand as individuals, as the holy Spirit, the Child we are. That One won't get knocked down easily. We see clearly, and we won't let any overbearing human government imprison this holy Spirit we are. That Spirit is the Divine Child of God, sovereign, powerful, intelligent, and free to think for ourself. Between This uninhibited holy Heart and God we find the authority to live and be true to ourself, preferring to explore and experience all that we are capable of. As we uncover the pristine, pure Identity for ourself, we find the Joy of living and learning. Here to discover and Know our own Self our own Unbound Joy of our True, Eternal Identity. We find It right here within us. Just me, just you, all of us independently knowing we Live right up close to the Infinite Mind, the Light of Life, God Itself, that Is Here and Now - Always being This Life I-Am. Knowing This, we find we have all it takes Live and be the Child of this Light, One with the only Real Government, the Only Honest Government that is Being Life Itself. That's where the Real freedom Lives - and we are That.

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