Evening Light - by Sandy Jones

The Honest Identity

This Inner Guide, the holy Child we are is our Original Self, the 'egoless' Identity we really are. We can uncover It, reclaim our Self and Live again. This Original Nature we are is open to LIfe's Presence, the Infinite Mind of God that takes us in another direction. Not the way of the world, not the way of war and politics and anger, hate and fear - but the way of Light and Honesty. We are this Living Presence. As we claim our Heritage, Live the Joy of our Real Identity, It proves Itself to us. You sort of leap and trust, live It, be It. Take on the Real identity and as you do, all doubt falls away. We see for ourself. We find our true Identity, the Child we are. It is Here within Us, It is Balanced between the objective world of time and matter and the subjective holy Light of Oneness. These two reveal the holy Trinity of Life. Now we see everything begins to blooms with this illumination and insight. We know what we have found. Our world comes alive, right here where we are, we see the Infinity of God and the Beauty of It's divine Equation, this Life we are living. As we Live It, we know what to do and how to do it. No longer following the the path of old man's fear and limited beliefs of the world's mortal ways - we have found our own Way and It leads us aright.


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