Blooming Cactus Garden - Ojai 

Divine Refections 

In the sunny warm days, that adorable cactus plant is blooming again. He is a stalwart, yet amusing individual. This morning he has a flowery topnotch decorating his lean, prickly stature. Which reminds me of something important about the individual and being true to our own Divine Nature. Real change happens from within. And if we want to see our world blessed by abundance and happiness for all, we need to uncover and be our Real identity, flourishing, living the divine Light of Truth from within.
Groups and politics, governments and organizations can try all they want to put our world in order, adding more laws, more restrictions, rules and regulations, we vote, we join the group, we shout and rant, we hate the other, we are hurtful and arrogant and we think we are doing something to help. But that will do no good, nothing will change. Not until we change. We find the Inner Light of our Self and Live from the that Light within. It's a quantum thing, we are one with this Self-Aware Universe. We change the world, because the world is a reflection each individual.
Seeing this is a powerful, mystical realization. We do this for ourself, as a solitary, single soul, one to one with God. It works. We see the proof in our own lives. Miracles and wonders happen around us, our world is transformed because we have been transformed. No more anger, no more fear. Now we see our world blooming, here, in the Light - we do it alone. The Truth will be revealed to each of us and when It is, we are changed, in mysterious ways. Then we look again - we know, we see the wonders, as this Light of Understanding shines the Way.

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