Starry Night Sky
- by Sandy Jones

Heavenly Light 

Yes, there are gifts, divine and holy treasures here, awaiting our discovery. We find them within ourself. The Truth reveals Itself, and God is seen to be the whole Infinite Universe, the Only One Here. When That is revealed, we Live It, we Live from this Light we have uncovered. Then we see the tangible evidence, sparkling, beaming the Joy of this Truth, seen, known, here in the world around us. Out of realizing we can't change the things that happen in this world, we let go and trust Life - and in that place we find Love. Living Love, a place of innocence, the Child's Faith, the Truth shines through. Here we find ourself in the glorious vision of the Infinite All, seeing God IS All That Is - that's It. We have uncovered the Everlasting Real Treasure, Here within - and this Treasure cannot ever be lost, stolen, or harmed. Blessing this Life for Its lessons, hearing Life's teaching, knowing the meaning within our heart, learning in our own way. We are touching the Truth and the voice of God is heard saying "... nothing is ever lost, Its all Here, Here in the Universe, and the Universe is ALL Mine." The ring of Truth sounds Its heavenly song of Honest Love. Yes, we hear. We know we are with and of the Infinite One - It cannot be otherwise - and we are liberated, we are set free to Live this Light of God That Is ALL in All. Now the treasures are seen with our very own eyes because the Universe IS God and all things belong to God - the Infinite and Only One Here.  

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