Flower Garden

The Living Kingdom 

Now we know the world is not ‘out there' it is here within our Self. There is nothing outside of this Self. The Self we are Lives the Eternal Infinite Mind of God and Is the Awareness of God. The Light of Awareness, is Present right here and now living Its Self-knowing as You and Me.

It's All Perfect, just the way Life is, because Infinite Light is Living everything that is. God is the Isness behind this world of ours When we know this, our way of being in the world becomes new. We live open and alive to this sweet unfolding of our Self - from glory to glory.

Death is an illusion, it appears here, but the Living Truth is that there is only One Life. We are this One Self-knowing Universe. Whatever this appearance of death is, it is an illusion and not the end of anyone or anything.

This Light of God does not condemn nor cause Itself harm. It Lives Its Infinite Love, being ALL That Is. We learn and understand ourself to be One with this Infinite Love. The Mind of God is not separate from you. You are the world you walk through. Certainly the wise ones have said this all along. All that was hidden will soon be revealed. 

"The night of Brahman falls as soon as the harvest of the Seed is accomplished. The Morning of the New Day comes quickly "-

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