Rose arbor backyard in May - Ojai 

Be the Joy of Being

As little children, we get the unspoken message that we should conform and fit in, even though something in us does't want to. But slowly, we are swallowed up by the adult world's rules and systems. As children we are naturally untroubled and we live from the spaciousness of just being. We live the wonders of enthusiasm full of Life. Unknowingly, we gradually leave behind that purity, the divine Light, our Real Identity we came into the world being. We take on the mantle of the troubled human adulthood and all the fears and sorrows the old man assumes. But, we can find that Spark of our true Self again. We can live again, be the Joy of being our original Identity. Now, understanding this world, we have no quarrel or argument with anyone or anything. When we re-discover this pure Child we are, we know that This Is It. It is obvious only to ourself, but we know what we have found. We are changed, we are Living our Wholeness, our holiness, open, touching our world, senses exposed, unafraid to be happy, to be at peace with it all. Balanced in the wholeness of heaven and earth, we live again, as the old, erroneous mistaken identity falls away. Here we feel this Living Presence, the fresh Life of Infinite Mind, the bountiful beauty Divine Intelligence. That Child is the Light of Life and It is within us all. When we find our Self again the senses, the mind, the body, the spirit can feel the profound peace of the heavenly Presence, here, now, as the Child made in the image of God's Infinite Love.

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