In the garden - Ojai 

Blooming Wonders

Holiness is playful, it's the Joyful Freedom that returns to us when we rediscover our original, pure childlike Self. The holy Child lives right here within us, always. It is the Light that leads us through this Life and makes all things simpler, easier. Our discovery of the Light of our Original Nature brings us peace. The joy blooms within the Heart of us. It blooms into a Love for the Infinite fullness of Life in all its ongoing isness of whatever It is. This holy Child is a Lightness that knows Itself. A knowing that is without struggle to become, to achieve, to change, to be something more than this. It is a balance and peace we can stand on, as all the clutter of should and supposed to, achievement and success, labels, guilt, fears and worry all fall away. We have returned to our own divine sanctuary within us. We know this pure Self of ourself because it is. We return to what we were, the beginning, fresh, innocent, alive, we let the world unfold as ever it will because we live no other Life than this Life that we be. And Life's Divine Equation carries us along and works It's wonders in its most magical ways.  

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